Cool guy Paul & the Mrs. :)

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Say hi to Diamond!!!

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Relaxing with my boo after a long day @ work.

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We’re going to the spring carnival todayy!! Can’t wait to have some fried pickles and play games with my loveeee!!!

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In the garbage!! Lol I hope you had a good day and enjoyed your dinner!

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Happy 2 year anniversary to my booboo!!! I am so happy to be by your side. The last 2 years haven’t been a breeze but I couldn’t imagine going through all of it with anyone else. Thank you for being my best friend, my confidant, my everything. I love you to no end. Xoxo

listen man: wakaflockaswife: wtf took so long???? oh my god you stupid fucking fan...



wtf took so long????

oh my god you stupid fucking fan ass bitch, i’m so sick of your shit.

you have literally followed EVERY single one of my blogs without a follow back.

you have literally followed me 8 months with no follow back until…….2 days ago and immediately…

Everything I’ve ever wanted to say. Lol

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bruh I just saw the video and Im balling. Like I don’t care what any of you say call me a pussy or w/e but seeing this shit come to life is so overwhelming. Its uploading to youtube right now. Thank you so much you guys for supporting us and a big thank you to tha shawties that even took the time to shoot the shit and to my brother bones for editing the shit. I love you guys

Its so gooood!!! I can’t wait for everyone else to see it too!!!

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Today is my birthday & I brought it in with my brother, my best friend. Its funny to think that 4 months ago GRAVEWAVE was a idea. A no name idea. Look at all the progress we’ve made. I couldn’t have done it without yall and this nigga. We both smoking L’s coolin. 

Keep rockin wit me and my squad

we just gettin started



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Yous a losah!

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Happy birthday baby!! I love you and I’m so proud of you and how hard you’ve been working on Gravewave and everything. I hope have the best day. I’ll do everything I can to make it that way. :D



Im stupid high watching Coneheads & eating twix.

fuck wit me

Rolled my first L. Came out perfect!

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